GerritForge 2.5.1 released

Gerrit 2.5.1

New maintenance version of GerritForge has been released today and is available for download from



Our commitment: up-to-date with Gerrit Code Review, always !

GerritForge confirms its commitment to be aligned with Gerrit Code Review in order to guarantee to our customers the best up-to-date features and most critical security fixes.

Noteworthy fixes included in GerritForge 2.5.1.  

Gerrit 2.5.1 includes important fixes with regards to Git protocol over HTTP and Security.

  • Restriction to ‘set-project-parent’ to Gerrit Administrators. Previously the “door was left opened” for project owners that were trying to workaround the security check granting access to refs/meta/config branch.
  • Correct categorisation of Git over HTTP commands as “GIT operations” and not Web-UI. This was creating confusion on the way access control to repos was evaluated.
  • RequestCleanup exception on Server threads for Git over HTTP: this was creating random exception when using Git over HTTP and “connection reset” seen on the Git client side. Problem was not impacting Git over SSH.

Fixes and enhancements on GerritForge Enterprise plugins.

GerritForge 2.5.1 adds additional fixes and extensions to the Enterprise plugins, such as:

  • Additional documentation on the delete-project plugin.
  • New plugin to remove Gerrit internal groups.
  • Fixes on the GitBlit plugin on the repository names duplicates and Git clone URL is now populated correctly.
  • Additional support for non-UK and non-US Java default locales.

Wants to know more ?

Gerrit roadmap: a bright future ahead !

Gerrit roadmap for 2013 is really amazing:

Gerrit 2.6 – Feb/Mar 2013

  • Major enhancements to the Gerrit plugin architecture, including pluggable 3rd party authentication and user-registries.
  • Introduction of the Gerrit RESTFul API: this will allow easier integration for batch operations using simple CURL commands and more stable API available for integrating with plugins.
  • Project dashboards: for the first time Gerrit allows projects to have custom dashboards to show a set of selected data extracted from the project itself.

GerritForge 2.6 additional enterprise features

  • Additional issue-tracking association plugins, including CollabNet TeamForge, Rally, Serena and HP Quality Center.
  • Group backends for Atlassian Jira and CollabNet TeamForge, allowing to use existing ALM Roles in Gerrit access control lists.
  • Gitblit 1.2.0 plugin

Gerrit 2.7 – June/July 2013

  • Multi-master replication: allows multiple Gerrit Servers to run in parallel on the same set of Git and relational data-set replicated in different locations. Consistency and control of the replicas is automated and is working out-of-the-box. Users can push and pull to any of the Gerrit master replicas.

GerritForge 2.7 additional enterprise features

  • Multi-tenant support and multi-authentication domain for the same Gerrit Server
  • Delegation of Gerrit administration to Web-UI roles.

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