Gerrit user data in git

I’ve been lurking in the #gerrit IRC channel regularly trying to help out Gerritors with gerrit issues.  Recently I’ve noticed that many people keep asking, where the heck does gerrit store user data, like the ssh-keys, and how do I get to it?   I’ve searched the internet myself and have not found a straight forward answer to this question.  So now I’ll provide the answer for whomever is looking.. which includes myself sometimes 🙂

Gerrit’s user data in previous releases was saved to the gerrit database however with Gerrit’s latest release, ver 2.13, that data has moved to the All-Users project.  This means that the data is now stored in a git repository.   Specifically it has moved to the git All-Users project in refs/users.  This is very similar to how it stores project data in All-Projects refs/meta/config.

To get at this data using git you’ll need to clone All-Users and checkout refs/users/user.  You’ll need to get the user id that you want to get the data for and you’ll probably need to be a Gerrit Admin to have access to the data.   So now if we want to get that info we’ll need to do something like this..

git clone ssh://$USER@$MY_GERRIT_HOST:29418/All-Users
cd All-Users
git fetch origin refs/users/$LAST_2_DIGITS_OF_USER_ID/$USER_ID:$USER_ID
git checkout $USER_ID

Now you should see a file containing the ssh public key and another file containing the user preferences info for $USER_ID.

Hope that help other Gerritors out there.  -Cuckoo-cachoo!

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