Git plug&play ? Git-in-a-box !

Want to get started quickly with Git ? … all you need is “Git in a box” ! 🙂gitinabox

GerritForge LLP is proud to announce the availability of the first private beta of Git-in-a-box, download today at

Git-in-a-box is the revolutionary HTML5 User-Experience to get started using Git on your premises with a “plug & plan” Server installation.

In order to get started, simply execute the following three steps:

  1. Download from here the gitinabox.jar Java executable archive
  2. Double-click the gitinabox.jar file OR execute the following command in a terminal:
    java -jar gitinabox.jar
  3. Wait for Git-in-a-box to get initialised and started: you will see this icon Screen Shot 2013-01-29 at 14.06.59 on the system tray, click and select “start” from the menu and wait until it becomes green Screen Shot 2013-01-29 at 14.08.41

Git-in-a-box will be running on your local hostname  and will be “ready to go” for creating your first Git repository for you and your local development Team. Open your browser to the Git-in-a-box URL (i.e. start enjoying Git Server without hassles !


Git-in-a-box is a revolutionary HTML5 UX based on the popular Google Gerrit Code Review Project (see

It is based on a restricted set of RESTFul API on top of Gerrit 2.5.1 and allows to leverage the power of Gerrit, one of the most reliable and secure Git Server, without the need to be a Gerrit expert.

Git-in-a-box UX is simple and straightforward, works nicely on most HTML5 enabled browsers and integrates with your system notification to provide you updates of what happens on your Git repositories.

Tablet and Mobile-enabled.

Git-in-a-box UX is based on a fluid layout and automatically resizes in order to fit nicely with nowadays iOS and Android Tablets and even SmartPhones.

Provides RSS support to get real-time information on your Team Development, without being overloaded by notification e-mails.


Git-in-a-box is currently in private Beta till end of March 2013. With all the feedback received and the stabilisation fixed, the final release of Git-in-a-box will be officially available for Download from April 2013.

Enjoy Git “plug & play” with Git-in-a-box and let us know what you think about it.

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