Gerrit v3.4.0-rc5: weekly update

Merged Changes

From Luca Milanesio:

    Allow GerritAccount Cookie authentication for Git/HTTP
    Bug: Issue 14508
    Change-Id: I2a56197ee0dad479f0973192157e5970d9deac25

    Avoid multiple auth requests for Git/HTTP access
    Bug: Issue 14497
    Change-Id: Ibe41df0357b6be10bcdf0bd1f5a1b6160c34d4a4

    Introduce LDAP metrics
    Bug: Issue 14490
    Change-Id: I18e5d5b797b272ca11a6745bc39dcd73cab68c34

    Add unit-tests for ProjectBasicAuthFilter
    Change-Id: Ib9abf133d2128b6a29751ecbeda26b0b43115bb3

From Han-Wen Nienhuys:

    Documentation/user-review-ui: remove intraline diff mention
    Change-Id: I15faa971d5cfe80ab82295f1af4e307da1d17f10

    Documentation/user-review-ui: show just a single shortcut help screenshot
    Change-Id: I2ad396a20767221f293d2ec59e6ac61a85e12629

    Documentation/user-review-ui: remove mention of old UI
    Change-Id: I88adb24c5883410bc62b9e290e4077e6b845474a

    Documentation: rename all images for user-review.txt to gwt-*.png
    Change-Id: I42735800679736ef277a053e042908677c4db5ef

    Documentation: remove unused GWT image files
    Change-Id: Ie470c983509310b4a6eb35eedbc03ffa5e8028cd

From Matthias Sohn:

    Update jgit to a9579ba60cd2fd72179dfd8c2c37d389db5ec402
    Change-Id: Id3a4adc0faf27e7bcd2017ab439aa2230cf92b33

    Add new command convert-ref-storage to index
    Change-Id: If3a93e65333d1a5f299273711162d81e1b653e1b

From Antoine Musso:

    download_file: download to GERRIT_CACHE_HOME when set
    Change-Id: Ie4fac83928527e0e71b159b9500983234c2261ac

From Prudhvi Akhil Alahari:

    Fix EqualsLabelPredicate to not fail when calling match() from a plugin
    Change-Id: Icd2541fe26c18a8e61ce855862e0c9814a91f5ef

From Thomas Dräbing:

    Respect auth.userNameToLowerCase when creating accounts via REST or SSH
    Bug: Issue 14246
    Change-Id: If0f120f188e9f5bdf8008c4e66a55568180e7351

Issues Fixed

  • Issue 14246: Creation of internal account does not respect auth.userNameToLowerCase
  • Issue 14490: Missing LDAP metrics for authentication
  • Issue 14497: Git/HTTP traffic overloads LDAP with duplicate authentication requests
  • Issue 14508: Issue 14508: Gerrit authenticates more than once for a Git/HTTP high-level operation

Issues Raised

  • Issue 14388: Mobile diff context buttons do not work properly

Gatling E2E results

Git protocol simulation:

Gatling full results:

Gatling simulation class:

Gerrit UI REST simulation:

Gatling full results:

Gatling simulation class:

Gatling 10-days trend

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