Gerrit v3.4.0-rc4: weekly update

Merged Changes

From David Ostrovsky:

    Tidy up dev-plugins.txt documentation
    Change-Id: Ia3b09d5febcfe9ab1805bd2e55963aa6c6624f6a

    Reftable: Add convert-ref-storage ssh command
    Bug: Issue 14138
    Change-Id: I0ddd2370619de287ec757597ba57e8b757611808

    Bazel: Tidy up gerrit_js_bundle rule
    Change-Id: I9b3e757717a64e8538d5d05bdb86b3b26c9f363d

    Make srcs in gerrit_js_bundle optional
    Change-Id: Ifaca618836098798dfbad10c2f5c2aee10f6097f

    Fix link for change.enableAssignee configuration option
    Change-Id: I2faef25ea62119184e1a837b647b9cccdc246354

    ErrorJsonLogEntry: Use IP address as host value in logging event
    Change-Id: Ie3a246ff277a0b8646dbe11acdb2b53aa659800e

    Bazel: Add gerrit_js_bundle rule
    Change-Id: Ia8421a9ef6f1ad91808bb698769da84022f63973

From Edwin Kempin:

    Allow tests to check how much Counter0 metrics are increased by a call
    Change-Id: I79da799c86325eb64922a92caec8a476e4e6a4ae

From Ben Rohlfs:

    Improved and more sophisticated handling of check action results
    Change-Id: I4f139bbe913c60fbdcea27dd9ea1e3f605bb19cb

    Add documentation for the new Checks JavaScript Plugin API
    Change-Id: I82cd3c9af9c918b1c26ea1cb8a70e3283138ac31

    Add links to frontend plugin examples
    Bug: Issue 14421
    Change-Id: I123f1717ac691eda20709c20764db457c58b42e2

    Remove draft warning from Checks API
    Change-Id: I267b2792efee3baa27ebbe6915b0c7813efab566

    Update all the plugin examples
    Change-Id: Idc6473377bb5966f0bc199bfc68977297df4f802

    Tiny documentation fix
    Change-Id: I505419cdf03bfe5dd3a1dd28eeb84def36a3669a

    Update the JavaScript Plugin API documentation
    Bug: Issue 14421
    Change-Id: I5869c8168fe27bea81226b0b8f1dc40b271c2454

From Youssef Elghareeb:

    Rename SubmitRequirement to LegacySubmitRequirement
    Change-Id: Ib55038627c95ece82a7eddd64e317183f1752487

From Patrick Hiesel:

    SubmitRecord.Status: Reserve RULE_ERROR for user-caused errors
    Change-Id: I018ce9e13fa40f2f24546df49ecf7fc3fbb72b1b

Issues Fixed

  • Issue 14138: expose JGit reftable conversion as Gerrit SSH command
  • Issue 14421: Update the Frontend Plugin Documentation

Issues Raised


Gatling E2E results

Git protocol simulation:

Gatling full results:

Gatling simulation class:

Gerrit UI REST simulation:

Gatling full results:

Gatling simulation class:

Gatling 10-days trend

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