Gerrit User Summit at Volvo Cars


The 2019 is a year of the Summit innovations

The Gerrit User Summit 2019 can definitely be defined as truly innovative in its format and audience.

For the first time in the Gerrit history, the Summit is split into two parts. Volvo Cars have hosted the first in Gothenburg (Sweden) while the second will take place from the 11th to the 17th of November at GerritForge Inc. HQ in Sunnyvale, CA (USA).

The Summit has been repeated on both sides of the Atlantic: the European and US communities come from different background and have different needs. The Gerrit Code Review Community is global and is willing to share experiences and receive feedback from both sides.

A truly open Gerrit Hackathon

We are also innovating on the Hackathon perspective, with three new elements:

  1. The Hackathon is now open to everyone, including the people that have never contributed to Gerrit before. Experienced maintainers have paired with newbies to guide through the very first contributions.
  2. The Hackathon at Volvo Cars has been 100% focused in triaging the massive backlog of open issues and fixing as many bugs as possible for the latest three supported branches: stable-3.0, stable-2.16 and stable-2.15.
  3. The OpenStack and Gerrit communities finally have met and started talking and interacting more closely.

Read the full story on

The full summary of the event has been published on the Gerrit Code Review project news, read what happened in Gothenburg and, if you are in the USA, do not miss the next forthcoming Gerrit User Summit USA in Sunnyvale.

Hurry up as the seats are running out, REGISTER NOW to avoid missing the event.

Luca Milanesio (GerritForge Ltd)
Gerrit Maintainer, Release Manager, ESC member

7 thoughts on “Gerrit User Summit at Volvo Cars

      • I am not how they do it and what is the best way to let the CS professors and students know Gerrit, Git. But most CS students like to take part in any kinds of hackathon meeting, xx I/O conferences and feel it is cool with a T-shirt even with $10 or more registration fee in advance.

  1. Hi Luca and David,
    Thank you so much for your GerritForge blog and Gerrit news with which I and most other fans can follow the Gerrit event.

    • Thank you so much for your invitation! Luca. I am still a Gerrit fan but only a fan now, check blog/news now and then. Sometimes check some fascinate change code. I am not sure I can still contribute valuable commit to it. So no value to occupy a seat there.
      familiar faces became less and less. Best wish to you all!

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