Why Git Enterprise?

Someone may correctly ask why do we need another Git hosting solution, while we have such a wide choice around, like github or bitbucket (just to name few). The thing is that an enterprise solution is missing. In our everyday work in a big firm we are experiencing these issues:

  • there’s no real security or access control system available out of the box with git, and the level you can achieve is far away too coarse grained to be really useful
  • there’s no real way to easily administer a git repository in order to eventually manage anything, from users to privileges
  • integration with modern IDE, particularly Eclipse, is really disappointing, so that being productive is really difficult
  • there’s no real way go visualize the status of a central repository, which definitely happens when git is used in an enterprise environment
  • the freedom of Git sometimes bring your project, and your repository, in a kind of “cowboy” state that is far from acceptable by an enterprise

We appreciate all these issues, and we want to provide a fix for them, so that Git may be adopted widely from enterprises, our personal problems will be solved and, eventually, we will be able to get some money out of this.

Dream? Fact. Development is started and the code is near to be production ready. So please, you guys, that landed here in search for an enterprise solution, stay tuned.