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Screen Shot 2014-09-07 at 23.39.01You can check the status of services in real-time thanks to the public page offered by

The status page is and displays:

  • Current status with response time
  • History of the past 7 days with uptime
  • Details of the last 24 hours

Tonight for instance reports a temporary service outage (3 times, around 15′ each) caused by an intermittent unavailability of the GitHub API. As GitHub was not able to provide the validity of its OAuth code credentials, GerritHub was not able to allow the completion of its login handshake and thus resulting in a partial outage.

We will use the reports to reinforce our production infrastructure and make more resilient in the future. For instance in this case (GitHub API unavailable) we will look at reusing cached credentials for allowing known people with non-expired Gerrit cookies to complete their operations. For unknown users, we will display next time a courtesy message explaining that the sign-up is unavailable for GitHub API temporary outage, avoiding the allocations and time-outs of HTTP connections.