Watch the Gerrit User Summit 2022 online

The Gerrit User Summit 2022 will start next week, on the 10th of November, at 9:00 GMT at CodeNode in London, 10 South Place London EC2M 7EB.

One of the last seats available on-site can be still yours, REGISTER NOW at at

If you cannot come to London to attend face-to-face, the entire event will be live-streamed on the internet on GerritForge’s live stream channel, already successfully used in the past for the Summit 2019 in Sunnyvale.

How to register

You can pre-register for the online event by visiting and clicking the orange button “Register to Watch.”

You would need to provide your name, e-mail, and affiliation (specify “independent” if you are attending just for personal interest) and your consent to be contacted with detailed instructions on the day of the event.

You may also request to be included in future communications about the subsequent events organized by GerritForge Inc. for the Gerrit Code Review community.

On the 10th of November 2022, around one hour before the event, you will receive via e-mail all the instructions for watching the event.

Thanks again for coming to London or watching and engaging with the event remotely.

See you next week at the Gerrit User Summit 2022 !

Luca MilanesioGerritForge
Gerrit Code Review Maintainer, ESC member and Release manager.

The Virtual Gerrit User Summit is tomorrow!

Join the Gerrit Community tomorrow and Friday from 8 am PST for everything related to the Gerrit Code Review Community.

Gerrit provides web based code review and repository management for the Git version control system. Whether you are experienced or new to Gerrit, you should know that it provides a framework you and your teams can use to review code before it becomes part of the code base. Come and take this chance to join and learn about Gerrit Code Review.

Find here the full schedule of the sessions you will have access to.

Register and join the community event!